• Maggie Boogaart

    MAGGIE BOOGAART est chorégraphe, body coach et professeur de danse contemporaine, spécialisée dans la technique Martha Graham.

     Formée à la Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance  à New York City et à laLondon Contemporary Dance School, Boogaart a dansé à l’international comme soliste avec de nombreuses compagnies de danse contemporaine.

    Depuis 1999, elle enseigne la technique Graham aux danseurs de tous niveaux (des débutants jusqu'aux professionnels) dans les principaux conservatoires de danse au Pays-Bas et maintenant en France et à l’international.

    Chorégraphe depuis 1994, elle a également fondé et dirigé sa propre compagnie de danse contemporaine, Dragon Productions (1994-2009).

    Pour ses créations, elle mène des recherches sur les droits des femmes, l’équilibre intérieur, les relations interpersonnelles …

    MAGGIE BOOGAART (Amsterdam/Paris) is a free lance choreographer/dancer as well as teacher of contemporary dance: the Martha Graham technique. 

    In her work as a choreogapher, Boogaart is fascinated by the effect of our individual energy/feelings on our body and how our movement affects our brain-functioning. Her own expressive movent language is based on her on-going researches on non-verbal communication. 

    Boogaart realised early in her career that training in the Martha Graham technique hugely enlarges possibilities to optimise your technical virtuosity (namely: use of the floor, use of the spine/back, use of the space) and express yourself fully and eloquently as a highly sensual dancer/performer on stage. And - regarding performance qualities - enables clear & intense communication between the dancer and their audience! 

    She therefore enables the dancers she works with for full liberty of self-expression & physical virtuosity, by intensive training in the Martha Graham technique, taught by Boogaart herself.

    Boogaart was trained as a 'contemporary dancer & choreographer' at London Contemporary Dance School under the artistic direction of Robert Cohen. She then danced in contemporary dance companies in the Netherlands, Spain and New York City. Boogaart was able to turn her 'weak point' (her tall height (6"1 or 1.83 cm) into her strength and was mainly invited in these companies as a soloist.

    Her love for movement and physical expression brought her to deepen her movement-knowledge and specialise herself at the Martha Graham School in NYC. Boogaart had the chance of training from 1994 - 1998 and regularly afterwards with amazing soloists from the Graham Compagny, who were trained by Martha Graham herself and now share, freely and generously: Pearl Lang (who passed away in 2009), Jacqulyn Buglisi, Kenneth Topping end many others. 

    Boogaart received approval of the faculty of the Martha Graham School (NYC) as a teacher of Martha Graham technique TM. Since 1998 she has taught professionel level (age 17-25) and pre-professional level (age 12-18) students at the main Dansacademies (Universities/Conservatoires) in the Netherlands. In 2008 Boogaart started teaching and sharing her knowledge/experience in Paris (France) and internationally with the dancers of today!

    As a choreographer, Boogaart is driven by a strong desire to communicate with audiences through expressive dance and eloquent body language. In 1994 she founded her own dance company 'Dragon Productions' which she directed until December 2009. For this company she choreographed 16 dancetheatreproductions of 1,5 hour and about 20 shorter creations with premieres in NYC, Amsterdam and Muenster. 

    Fascinated by movements of the body and its effects on the mind, Boogaart researches non-verbal communication, inner balance and empowerment through movement. For these, she developed several workshops for professionals in the business world, people with a visual limitation (blind) and women (empowerment for women) and men (empowerment for men). Boogaart had a short publication on her research on inner balance in the book Body in Peace by Belgian Physiotherapist Jan b. Eyskens. 

    Since 2010 she resides in Paris, France, allowing her to work internationally as a free lance choreographer and continue the development of her own style, as a teacher and developer of non-verbal communication workshops as well as in different international danceschool as a teacher of the Martha Graham technique - training professional dancers of tomorrow into complete virtuosity.